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Woodlook™, terrace doesn’t require any surface finishing or painting. It doesn’t need to be treted against woodborers or mold or oiled and painted to preserve the original color every year. This is a very important fact because the maintenance costs of wooden terrace is approximately 10 Euro on every squared meter.

Giving the purchase cost of the Woodlook™, terrace is similar to the price of the terrace made from bangikrai wood, you are saving money from the very beginning.

Advantages of Woodlook™, comparing to wood:

  • Lower price compared to exotic woods
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Dimensional stability, boards do not bend or cleave
  • No splinters in the feet
  • Perfect visual effect
  • Non-slip surface even when wet – great for pool areas
  • No woodborers

The difference between Woodlook™, profiles and other composite material producers:

  • High quality materials and technology. Finely crushed wood flour from quality dry hardwood together with modern production lines ensures high density and consistency of the final product and the high resistance to exterior impacts. The use of fine wood flour is also reflected in the appearance that reminds real wood. Many other manufacturers use soft wood sawdust with higher fractions - even more than 2 mm, which except the 'chipboard' appearance results in more visible graying of these fractions caused by UV radiation.
  • We use ecological and recyclable high-density polyethylene with the indisputable advantages such as high density and hardness, non-absorbability and durability.
  • Smooth surface for comfortable walk using flat tapered grooves.

Cost chart

This table shows the approximate costs associated with installation and maintenance for 20 year usage. We expect occasional replacement of cracked ceramic tiles due to freezing or damage caused by hard object. In the 10th year we expect a full replacement. Now the questions is - which frost-resistant ceramic tiles supplier can offer you 25 year warranty?

Tabuľka nákladov woodlook vs drevo